Forget the Coffee Run...FREE Ways to Spend Your Break

Taking a break at work is often a person’s favorite part of the day. It’s the time where you can switch off and not care about your job.

The chances are your break consists of eating something or dashing to the coffee store around the corner. You may even go outside to smoke a cigarette.

Don't Wait To Consider Investment Options For Retirement!

As a young entrepreneur in your 20s or 30s, it’s hard not to focus on immediate profits and revenues.

After all, everyone wants to have a solid income so they can have fun and enjoy life.

Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs spend as much time thinking about future financial security as they do focusing on present comforts.

Why Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Review Your Sales Goals...

Sales folks, the first quarter of the year is almost over! March is the perfect time to review your sales progress so you can course correct and still achieve your sales goals. Here are the three important steps to follow:

1. Determine what’s not working.

By now some deals should have closed. Others may be moving forward because of actions you took that will ultimately lead to more business. And then there are prospects that aren’t moving forward at all.

Solution Lookin' For A Problem

By Chic CEO

Always always start with the problem, not the solution. Put the problem in the middle of everything you do and brainstorm ways to solve it. 

• When you create a solution first - you spend all of your time trying to convince people that they need it. 

• When you create a solution first - you fall in love with your product and get stuck in something obsolete that never helps anyone. 

• When you create a solution first - you aren’t truly innovating. 


4 Reasons To Keep Your Business Software Updated!

1. It enables better collaboration. Working together—even when you’re far apart—is vital for business success today. The latest software takes team collaboration to new levels, whether you’re in the same building or working remotely. For example, Office 2016 let users co-author Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents; you can even see other people’s edits in real time. And with Skype in-app integration, you can talk, chat, or IM onscreen right inside your documents.

Get Ahead At Work...Even During The Holidays!

There are a number of steps you can take to maximize your time at work while still leaving plenty of time for eggnog and family. Here are five suggestions for making the most of your efforts:

1. Project the first quarter based on history and current projects’ trajectory.

Insipred? Make A Plan...And Take That First Step!

Dreaming about what you would love to have in your life happens every day.  Your dreams don't leave you. They come back to you until you step into making them happen. Some people die with dreams unfulfilled because they didn't take the first step.

When you are inspired by what you would love, you are unstoppable!  Desiring something enough brings the energy to persevere. As long as it is within the universal structure it is within your reach.

Creating Seamless Art...With Practice & Persistence!

Based on the Webster Dictionary, integration is identified as “to bring parts together into a whole; to remove barriers.”

The beginning of every new endeavor necessitates a learning process. In the early stages, every task is fragmented. When you practice and persist,  the process becomes seamless. The more practice you apply, the easier it becomes; the more integrated it is, the more seamless and the more artful.